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Berkeley Kite Festival 2020

Come fly a kite in an atmosphere of total fascination!


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Berkeley Kite Festival in Cesar Chavez Park is a fantastic event filled with music, candy drops for the kids, rokkaku battles for everyone, and traditional kite making from Japanese experts. Since 1986, the event has developed a head-spinning reputation as one-of-a-kind free family festivals on the West Coast.

Each year, hundreds of people gather at the Berkeley Kite Festival to fly their kites or to watch masters fly theirs. At the center of everything is the world’s largest octopus kite. Be ready to witness a vibrant spectacle of 35,000 square feet of giant kites as Berkeley Kite Wranglers are the premier giant creature kite team in the world.

Kids and grownups will be amazed by free kite making, and there is a derived area for family kite flying. Kids’ Zone will make your child's day with a variety of facilities such as a petting zoo, pony rides, a bungee jump, bounce houses galore, and water balls! Almost all of the territory is dappled with food trucks, craft stalls, and info booths.

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