Best weather to visit South Korea

Autumn in South Korea 2024

Locals name this the season of a high sky and fat horses, and it's especially loved for superb hiking in the autumnal mountain forests

Best time: September, October, November


In early autumn the sun may still remind of summer with high daytime temperatures, and even sometimes late typhoons. However, mornings and evenings are cool and very pleasant. Further into the season the weather gets cool and crisp, and November often sees sub zero temperatures.

Koreans like to name autumn the season of "cheongomabi," which literally means "the sky is high and horses are fat." Truly the skies in autumn are blue and cloudless, and owing to bountiful harvests there's plenty of food to eat. Besides, autumn is a hiker's favourite season—mountain landscapes are gorgeous and forests display various shades of yellow and red. All in all, in terms of weather autumn is a perfect time to visit Korea.