Best weather to visit South Korea

South Korea Weather: Spring

This season is famous for budding flowers in Korea's vivid parks and mountains


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Spring in South Korea paints the landscapes into the colors of life. This is a perfect time to soak in blossoming cherry trees and blend in with the new green hues. Typically parks and forests are especially busy during this season. Many people go hiking to the mountains to enjoy the wild. Besides, this season marks traditional farming activities in rural areas—particularly rice and tea planting.

Anticyclone brings dry weather, favourable for outing. Still there're a few vital weather-related things to take into consideration. Sometimes this very dryness causes forest fires in the mountains. Besides, day and night temperatures may be strikingly different. The so called spring colds come from Siberia, and in early spring will make you feel like winter is back. Another issue is the Asian dust phenomenon and hot and dry northeasterly winds that might affect South Korea from late spring to early summer.

All the same, spring remains quite a popular tourist season, in spite of all the above listed.