Best weather to visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar Weather: Dry Season

Sunny weather, no rain, warm sea, and pleasant breezes—the dry season is a great time to visit Zanzibar


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Zanzibar has a tropical climate with two (or even four) distinct seasons—dry season (one short and one long) and rainy (one short and one long). The short dry season (hot and humid) occurs in January and February. It is the most popular season among travelers, because it's considered to be "summer" with average temperatures around 29°C and little chance for rain. The beaches, particularly on the north and east coasts, are overcrowded by vacationers who visit the parks and reserves of Tanzania for wildlife safaris. The second dry period called "long" or "cool" lasts for five months—from June to October. This period has low levels of rainfall and average temperatures around 25°C. This season is less crowded than the short one, though the weather is beautiful and the sun is out for around 7-8 hours per day.

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