Best weather to visit Tahiti

Tahiti Weather: Dry Season (Winter)

This tropical locale boasts year-round sun, colorful flowers, an unbelievable underwater world, and lots of sea activities in winter


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Winter (or dry season) in French Polynesia is also called Austral winter. It takes place between April and October. In Tahiti, the dry season is the most pleasant time of year. This period is characterised as cool and temperate with south-east trade winds (maraamu).

Though is it really cool if the air temperature is delightful 28°C? Despite the high temperatures you can expect quite chilly winds blowing from Antarctica. So, a sweater and pants will not be superfluous in the evening or early mornings. The dry season is a time of festivals, unbelievable scuba diving, whale watching, hiking, and sailing. In other words, it's time to pack your suitcases, book a hotel, and head to Tahiti!

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