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Grand Teton Safari

Bring a camera to catch the best moments of National Park's wildlife.


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Grand Teton National Park covers over 310,000 acres (about 1255 sq. km) of premier wildlife observation. Here, you have a chance to witness wolves, moose, pronghorns, pikas, and even grizzly bears among the park superstars. The birdwatching experience includes eagles, hawks, and a Great Grey Owl. As you join the safari tour, you can be sure that a local guide will help you spot all the animals and birds possible and tell the park's story.

The best time for a safari in Grand Teton National Park runs from June through August. During the summer months, you will explore the area on an open-style wildlife safari vehicle. However, July and August might surprise you with afternoon thunderstorms. In such cases, the tour company will offer heated and closed-top cars, usually used in cold or rainy months.

A four-hour tour price starts from $125 per person. Besides the vehicle and guide, the price includes binoculars rent, snacks, and drinks. Park entrance fee is not included and is paid individually.

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