Best weather to visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam Weather: Summer

Rainy and warm season can still bring some surprizes

Best time: June, July, August


Amsterdam has an oceanic climate influenced by the North Sea, therefore it enjoys mild weather all year round. However, the weather is also rather unpredictable as ocean winds can bring sudden heat or cold waves at any time. Also, it is quite rainy all the time, and summer is not an exception.

Usual weather for June is morning sunshine followed by some rain in the afternoon. The good news is that showers are usually quite short and don't last for the whole day. July is generally the warmest month of the year, but it also has 12 rainy days. Sudden cold waves may bring chilly weather from the north for a few days. August is the sunniest and wettest summer month. The weather can be either very sunny and hot, or cloudy, rainy and cold, depending on what the ocean wind from the west will bring.