Best weather to visit Chicago

Chicago Weather: Spring

More sun and warmth, but with occasional rains and tornadoes


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March often does not feel like spring at all, still dry and quite chilly. Thus, many do not take it as springtime yet, but rather the continuation of winter, or some transition period between the seasons. Every year the month sees the stunning biannual urban picture of the sun setting just between the city’s skyscrapers, a truly unusual sight. Another similar spectacle falls on September.

April marks the true beginning of short-lasting spring. It gradually gets warmer. At the same time, humidity levels rise and rainfalls are more frequent. Occasionally hails and tornadoes also occur in Chicago, though they never affect the entire city.

High season comes with May when the city gets crowded with tourists. Finally, the weather conditions on Lake Michigan are suitable for sailing. But it is still a little early for swimming and sunbathing. Though summer itself is regarded as the best time to travel to Chicago, if you are not going to spend your vacation lying on the beach, May with its pleasantly moderate temperatures is also a great time to enjoy the city.

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