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Dominican Republic Weather: Hurricane Season

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The month of June marks the beginning of hurricane season in the Dominican Republic, which lasts up to November. However, it doesn't mean visiting the country at that time is a bad idea. Traveling here during the low season has more perks than it seems at first glance.

Rainy weeks that may turn into a full hurricane are typical for the Caribbean belt, which the Dominican Republic is part of. Their activity occurs at the end of August and September, usually every decade. Because the country is very big, the hurricane may be more active in one part than in others.

Hurricanes can be devastating and are taken very seriously here. Most hotels are prepared for emergencies and have special shelters. Not many travelers are ready for the risk, so there are no crowds at resorts. The accommodation price is also reduced. So it’s an excellent chance to explore the country on a budget and with privacy.

August is known as a festival month in the Dominican Republic, so it also has a lot to offer. From Restoration Day to The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, the streets of Punta Cana are full of music and dance.

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