Best weather to visit Peru

Peru Weather: Dry Season in the Andes and Amazon

Warm weather and long sunny days provide us with an ideal opportunity to reveal the gems of Peruvian nature


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When the sky is clear and the sun is shining, quickly pack your backpack and start your own Peruvian adventure with mountains surrounding the horizon or the Amazon River flowing under your boat.

The dry season in the Andes lasts from April till November with really warm days and quite cold nights. In the Amazon Region, the air temperature can be too hot and himid, so sun cream and mosquito repellent is what you should carry with you for the whole time. Rain happens occasionally both in mountains and in jungles, but it won't bother you for too long.There are plenty of activities you can do with the fresh air during the dry season.

Whitewater rafting along the Urubamba River, hiking Inca Trails and visiting mountain lakes, conquering the snowy peaks of Cordillera Blanca, looking for the lost city of Choquequirao—this is only the beginning of a possible "to do" list. In case you want to spend some time with local communities, then Fiesta de las Alasitas in Puno, the Festival of Paucartambo, and San Juan Festival are ideal. And do not forget to check out pink dolphins during their breeding season in May and June, and observe a real natural miracle of Amazon butterflies that drink the tears of turtles.