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A glass of white Frascati wine will turn you back two thousand years


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Frascati seems to have been produced in the Roman countryside since the first days of Rome itself. It is an inexpensive and serviceable white wine served at every other local cafe. Millennial Frascati still enjoys a sterling reputation and remains the favourite of many gourmets. However, the wine industry doesn't stand still, and new wine varieties continue to emerge. Fruity and flowery notes seem to be the current trend in Roman wine. Make sure to taste a glass of citrus-scented Malvasia or floral Trebbiano. Visit Castelli Romani region, just 25 km south-east of Rome, during the harvest season to participate ​in local celebrations and tastings. Sagra dell'Uva festival held in Marino on the first Sunday of October offers the best experience of the local wine culture.