Best season to visit Tibet

High Season

Spring and autumn are just perfect for planning your trip to Tibet. Gentle weather and clear skies will open all the beauties of this region


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High season in Tibet lasts roughly May through September. This period attracts visitors with warmer temperatures and a higher content of oxygen.

The best months to visit Tibet are May and August-September. The skies are clear and this makes them perfect for planning a trip to Everest. The rest of the year the peak of Everest is hidden behind thick clouds. The best camping months are May and September, as the weather is delightful, and there will be no or little rain.

June and July are the rainiest. During the day the weather is warm and sunny, but at night you should be ready for heavy showers.

Travelers who are interested in Tibetan festivals should plan their trip in August, but be aware that festivals bring huge crowds to the area. The best hiking, trekking, and mountaineering months are September and October. You can marvel at the great autumnal landscape and take some of the best photos possible. This period also features fewer crowds, but still warm weather.

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