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Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival 2020

Pirates invade the Cayman Islands and spread the piratey party fever


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Every November, the Pirates invade Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, and Grand Cayman Island to hold an epic pirate party. The islands become especially festive, with an authentic Caribbean Swashbucklers atmosphere. It features several parades, games, live music, performances, and fireworks to enjoy.

The festival draws over 35,000 attendees each year, transforming the islands into a mass of colour​ and revelry. The festival throws over 30 different events during three weekends, held across all three islands. Visitors can enjoy sporting events, a lively steel pan, song and costume competitions, and special activities for children.

The Cayman Islands Pirate Week kicks off in Cayman Brac with a Welcome Parade and a massive bonfire after sunset. The first night ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

The next weekend, pirates take over Grand Cayman with the loudest weekend of the festival. Days are filled with music, competitions, street dances, games, Pirate Pooch Parade, festivals of traditional dishes and drinks, sporting events, a pirate invasion, and magnificent fireworks displays. Pirates 'invade' the islands from the sea at Hog Sty Bay in the harbour of George Town, then they 'capture' the Governor, and later on, they are chased off the island. Thousands of people line the seafront to watch the unique spectacle.

Grand Cayman revelry then transitions into the District Heritage Days. The festivities span five days with each district committee celebrating its​ unique traditions and showcasing artifacts and food. This is a competition between the Districts of Grand Cayman, and only one winner takes it all.

On the third weekend, the fun moves to Little Cayman. There you'll find a welcome party, a parade, farewell BBQ, and a firework display to end the festive weekend.

No other Caribbean island holds pirate festivities on such a large scale as the Cayman Islands. Each night of the festival there is a fantastic happy hour, an after-party, and a big pyrotechnic show. Feel free to wear your favourite pirate or wench costume to join the party.

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