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Pirate Family Daze 2019

A family-friendly event with a nautical and pirate theme in Port Washington


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Pirate Family Daze, formerly known as Pirate Fest, takes place every June at the beautiful harbour of historic Port Washington Lakefront in Port Washington, Wisconsin, some 30-minute drive from downtown Milwaukee. Three days of mayhem and merriment is a perfect festival for those who like ships and boats, historical reenactions and great for families with children.

Port Washington Pirate Fest features live music acts, comedy, a Thieves Marketplace with dozens of vendors, a Buccaneer Bash, a Gruel Galley with food trucks, demonstrations, educational exhibits, and a Pirate Ship. There are a Costume Contest and Parade for kids, bouncy houses, hamster balls, and children's​ activities. Live music is performed at the Island Bar, the Buccaneer Bar, the Barnacle Stage, and Mini-Bar. The highlights are Block Parties and a capella sea shanty.

Visitors can also tour Port Washington's 1860's Lighthouse, the Light Station Museum, and the Historic Judge Eghart House. Many events of the festival have a Rennaisance theme such as the musical comedies, a reenactment group that portrays a siege encampment in the 16th Century, belly dancing, the Living Statue, and magical acts.

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