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Dubai Weather: Summer

Extreme heat and sandstorms make this season less attractive


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In April temperature jumps up, which means the prime of beach season has gone, and beaches empty again. Despite the heat, rainfall becomes more sparse. Comparing to May, April sees more rainfall overall, yet the number of rainy days is less than in May when it often showers for short. Besides, April brings the season of sandstorms that lasts until August and might be both a spectacular sight to observe and quite a natural disaster.

If you decide to visit Dubai during June or July, you might regret. Mind that one has to be really resistant to extreme heat, cause 35 to 40 °C combined with the absence of rain is not an easy challenge. Besides, the sandstorms may spoil your vacation completely. Therefore, it might be better to avoid this very part of ruthless Dubai’s summer.

Thermometers go wild with mercury crossing the mark of 40°C around August and goes on until October. The only salvation is provided by short-lasting rains. But at least there is some rain, for the former months didn’t see a drop. Whoever isn’t afraid of sunburns and sunstrokes, is welcome, of course, but beach holiday is much more delightful in winter. August is particularly unfavourable time, as in addition to all the misfortunes, it is marked with sandstorms.

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