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Ouzo & Tsipouro Preparation

Both ouzo and tsipouro are considered as national spirits of Greece that represent its drinking culture


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Tsipouro is a pure grape distillate, made of leftovers in the wine press. It's the strongest of drinks in Greece, and can reach 35%-45% of alcohol per volume.

Ouzo & Tsipouro Preparation in Greece - Best Season 2020

Ouzo has a larger palette of taste, as it includes anise seeds, grains, and fruits. Drinks are usually served with traditional cold snacks “meze”, fruits and cheese. They can be consumed chilled or with water and ice.

Best time for Ouzo & Tsipouro Preparation in Greece 2020

Preparation process and related festivities take place right after the grape harvest season from late October to mid-December. Try an authentic taste of ouzo on Lesvos island, and tsipouro on the mainland of Greece.

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