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Chinese New Year Specialities

Try the best of traditional Chinese cuisine during Chinese New Year celebrations!

Chinese New Year Specialities in Hong Kong 2019 - Best Time
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Certain dishes are eaten only during Chinese New Year celebrations due to their symbolic meaning and importance. It is also believed that all the special holiday food eaten at this time brings good luck and prosperity. Don't miss a chance to try out some traditional Chinese red bean paste, dumplings, melon seeds, pumpkin sweets, and Chinese sausages. Black moss and dried oysters can be also found on the New Year's menu and are considered delicacies!

Dried oysters 2019
Dried oysters
Shrimp dumplings 2019
Shrimp dumplings
Barbecued baby suckling pig, a Chinese delicacy 2019
Barbecued baby suckling pig, a Chinese delicacy