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SantaCon 2019

An important part of Californian Christmas tradition

Dates: December 7, 2019 (on hold)


A huge number of people disguised in Santa Claus costumes walk around the city to please passers-by and to inspire the spirit of Christmas in their hearts. They can be found on the streets, in pubs, and even in the subway. Do you want to join this jolly affair? The main thing is not to forget to get a costume—it really will come in handy.

There are as many as 25 rules for the participants of SantaCon but don't be afraid, they are pretty simple. There is a ban on communication with the press, as well as other participants of the event. Most SantaCon processions in Los Angeles include stops only on a given route—from the Angel City Brewery and Boarders to Club Mayan and Red Loft.

SantaCon is held traditionally in mid-December at 11 am. The exact dates are announced via Facebook and Twitter. The route details and start location differ from year to year.

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