Best season to travel to Maldives

Fish Delicacies

Fish in the Maldives come in all imaginable and unimaginable forms, including fish broth, fried fish rolls, and fish pastries

Best time: November–March

Fish Delicacies

Wherever you go in the Maldives, you'll definitely find some unique authentic fish dish in season. Make sure to try a fish broth, locals call it Garudhiya and it goes with rice, lime, onions, and chilis. Mas huni is sliced smoked fish and is commonly eaten for breakfast. Fihunu mas is the name for barbequed fish seasoned with chili.

Various fish snacks are popular as well as main courses made of fish. These are called "hedrikaa." Your must-eat list should feature a spicy fish cake "kulhi boakiba," deep fried fish rolls named "keemia," and a variety of pastries. The most popular kind is the bajiya pastry, stuffed with fish, onion, and coconut. Or try pastry balls, staffed with smoked fish.

However, this isn't the whole list of fish foods available in the Maldives, where fish is an absolute staple food. The most praised species include skipjack tuna, frigate tuna, yellowfin tuna, little tunney, wahoo, bigeye scad, and mahi-mahi. If you prefer to eat big game fish, though, the best time for it is November through March.

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