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Picnics in Paris

Icons of Paris provide some of the world's most romantic settings for a picnic

Best time: May–September


No matter how banal it might seem to a modern traveller seeking extraordinary experiences, a picnic in one of the Paris parks is a truly amazing thing to do. On a warm summer evening, when you've had enough of walking around the city, such a pastime will provide the perfect end of a day.

One of the most popular places among Parisians and tourists are the banks of Seine River. As it runs through the centre of the city, it offers a lot of wonderful spots for a picnic, especially romantic during the sunset.

One of the prettiest summer traditions is to enjoy a sunset with a bottle of wine and cheese at one of the many cafes lined along the Saint-Martin Canal near Gare du Nord. Picturesque iron footbridges are also a popular spot for a picnic. You can have a glass of wine and the police won't mind since it's an old tradition. So give it a try and head to the canal to enjoy the sunset in the Parisian manner.

Champs de Mars, Quai de la Turnelle, or Parc de la Turlure (Square Marcel Bleustein Blanchet) are great spots to have a break. Paris is exceptionally beautiful bathing in a peach sunset glow, and the show continues when the sun sets—the Eiffel Tower starts glittering with hundreds of thousands of lights.

Practical info

When is the best time to plan a picnic in Paris?

The ideal period to arrange a picturesque picnic experience in Paris is between May and September as the weather is warm and pleasant. During this season, tourists and locals alike can relish the breathtaking views of the blooming flowers, long days, and beautiful sunsets while picnicking in the parks or along the Seine river. Show more

Where are the most popular picnic spots in Paris?

Paris boasts several picturesque locations for picnicking, including the banks of the serene river Seine, the Saint-Martin Canal, Champs de Mars, Quai de la Turnelle, and Parc de Turlure. These locations exude charm with their picturesque settings and are popular picnic spots among locals and tourists. Show more

What are some typical picnic foods in Paris?

In Paris, the cuisine for picnicking typically includes fresh local produce like cheese, baguettes, fruits, olives, and wine. Parisians also indulge in sweet treats like croissants or macarons with their meal. For an upscale picnic experience, specialty stores and cafes offer ready-made gourmet baskets with the essentials to enjoy a picturesque meal in the park. Show more

How do Parisians typically spend their evenings in the parks?

Parisians love to relax and escape the busy city by indulging in a picnic in the parks, which has become a favorite pastime. While picnicking, they savor a delicious meal, good wine, and engaging conversations with friends. They can also attend live music performances or outdoor movie screenings that further exhibit and depict French culture. Show more

What other romantic activities can visitors enjoy in Paris besides picnicking?

Paris is renowned for its romantic aura and offers several other activities like indulging in a romantic boat ride down the Seine river, witnessing the iconic Eiffel Tower, taking a walk along the beautiful and charming Champs-Élysées, visiting the Louvre or Musée d'Orsay or discovering the numerous captivating cafes and restaurants throughout the city. Paris also boasts a lively nightlife scene with music, dance and sparkle and a great opportunity for visitors to witness it. Show more

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