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Picnic in the West Park in Munich

The favourite summer pastime of locals

Picnic in the West Park

West Park is located in the southwest of the city, just about 20 minutes by public transport from Marienplatz. Once the weather warms up, it has much to offer visitors. There is a BBQ area near the lake, a Japanese style garden, a Thai temple, and an outdoor cinema in summer.

You can bring your own picnic to the park, but you don't have to. There’s a beer garden right in the park. There you can also try steckerlfisch (spit-roasted fish), a traditional dish of Munich. Steckerlfisch is made of mackerel which is in season during the summer months.

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What is the ideal season to visit West Park in Munich?

The best time to visit West Park in Munich is from May to September for warm weather, outdoor cinema and picnics. You can also try steckerlfisch at the beer garden during this period as it is the mackerel season. Show more

Could you indicate the position of the park's BBQ area?

The BBQ area in West Park is centrally located near the lake which tenants can take advantage of by renting or bringing their bbq. To keep the park clean, they should maintain cleanliness after use. Show more

What other cuisines can be found at the beer garden?

Sausages, currywurst, schnitzel are amongst the other traditional Bavarian meals available at the beer garden. Along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the atmosphere remains lively and inviting, where you can unwind and enjoy yourself. Show more

What is the minimum time required to travel to West Park from Marienplatz?

To arrive at West Park's main entrance, use the S7, S20, or the U-Bahn U6, which takes about 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and a couple of minutes, respectively, to travel from Marienplatz. The U-Bahn stop is only a few minutes away from the park's entrance. Show more

Apart from the Japanese style garden and the Thai temple, what other places are available to visit?

The hill garden, rose garden, and rock garden that displays alpine plants are other facilities available for visits at the West Park. The outdoor cinema also displays movies in the summer months, and guests can also try pedal boats on the lake or relax in the sauna and wellness center. Show more

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