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Brioche des Rois

The true food of kings, a traditional winter dessert in Provence


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Brioche Des Rois is a traditional winter dessert in Provence. It is a must during La Fête des Rois, on the 6th of January, but usually, you can find it in pâtisseries throughout winter as well. Basically, it's a light pastry filled with gooey almond, sugar, candied peel and egg in the center with a sugar glaze and preserved fruits on the top. Brioche is not only tasty and looks amazing, but it also has an interesting tradition behind it too. Whoever bakes the brioche puts a little porcelain figure inside and then at the ceremonial cutting the person who gets a piece with the figurine, is proclaimed the king or queen of th​e day and has to pay for brioche for the rest of the year.

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