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The Mansion on O Street

Explore the hidden rooms of this secret hotel and museum


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The Mansion on O Street is a boutique hotel located not far from Dupont Circle. It is known for its unusual interior with hidden doors and secret passages. Thousands of items are piled throughout the house—many of them antique others just garage sale finds. Each room has a theme, and all items are for sale, including thousands of books, furnishings and fixtures. The four-story mansion contains about 100 rooms and over 60 secret doors. There are guest rooms, a private Social club, a museum and a conference centre.

Not all rooms of the mansion are open to the public since it also operates as a hotel. Themed rooms include a log cabin, the French Renaissance and the Billiards Room. Each has unique art, books, and design items. There's also plenty of the 'Beatles' memorabilia.

O Mansion was founded by H.H. Leonards-Spero and opened on Valentine’s Day in 1980. The strange design of the mansion can be explained by the fact that it consists of five interconnected houses turned into one structure.

Today, the Mansion on O Street hosts concerts, receptions, private dining, Mitzvahs, weddings, meetings, and other events. Visitors can join the Mansion tours and treasure hunts that need to be booked online in advance. The O Mansion opens its doors for tours from 11 am to 5 pm, with the last tour starting at 3 pm.

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