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Reebok Ragnar Del Sol 2020

An inspiring sunset chase in a beautiful Sonora desert

Dates: January 31–February 1, 2020 (over)

Spring is the time of wildflower bloom in the Sonoran Desert, and it's also the time for Reebok Ragnar Del Sol, an overnight running relay that focuses on the beautiful scenery and background. Every team of participants consists of 6-12 runners passing on the relay baton to each other. The stunning desert sunrise is definitely the major highlight of this race.

The race begins at in the in the Wild West town of Wickenburg, from where the teams start into the sunset. They run all night under the stars pushing their limits to witness the rebirth of the sun on Saturday in Tempe. The finish line is located at Riverview Park, Mesa. The distance of the race is about 60 mi (90 km). It's a great way to spend the weekend with friends and to have an exciting adventure in the beautiful desert setting.

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