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AIA Carnival in Hong Kong 2019 - Best Time
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AIA Carnival (formerly The AIA Great European Carnival) is an annual festival in the Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong, held in the winter season. Hong Kong carnival attracts about a million visitors with its rides, attractions and live performances. AIA Carnival was first held in 2014 and is organised by the Great European Carnival Limited.

AIA Carnival in Hong Kong - Best Season 2019

Every year, the carnival features over 30 rides for all ages like Sky Flyer, the Log Flume, the Xtreme, and the Remix, as well as rides suitable for children: the Apple Coaster, the Pony Adventure and the Carousel. The attractions and entertainment differ from year to year, and you can find all the details on the AIA Carnival's official website.

Best time for AIA Carnival in Hong Kong 2019

Recent additions to the Hong Kong Carnival included the Great Circus of Europe, presenting acts like Motorcycles in the Globe, the Space Wheel, and the Gerlings High Wire. Skill Games include Pop Guns, Hook a Duck, Stick a Card, Basketball Extreme, Bowling, Catch A Fish, and Hot Shots. Other attractions include selfies booths, kids play zone, and food trucks.

Best time to see AIA Carnival in Hong Kong 2019
Best time for AIA Carnival 2019
Best time to see AIA Carnival 2019