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Ibon-Ebon Festival 2018

This is a great time to see migratory birds and learn the dances of our feathered friends

Dates: February 1–2, 2018 (over)

During the first days of February, the municipality of Candaba, Pampanga, organizes the Ibon-Ebon Festival, or, in other words, the “Birds and Eggs Festival.” Generally, the celebration is organized in order to honor the migratory birds, which are a significant part of the nature of the Philippines and an important tourist attraction. No wonder that this festival is one of the most awaited events in Pampanga.

The festival activities include street shows, parades, national food and cooking competitions, kite flying, and many other activities. In particular, there is a street dance competition which includes the imitation of bird dance moves. Also, this event ends with a bird costume competition. The most fascinating part of the festival, however, is the birdwatching itself. Every year thousands of kinds of rare and endemic birds gather in the Candaba swamp before continuing their migration to different parts of the world.

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