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Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival 2024

The island of Boracay annually hosts this traditional and spectacular competition

Dates: April 27-28, 2024

Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival
Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival

Many people prefer watching sport rather than participating. There is not surprising, as most kinds of sport are very spectacular. As long as the Philippines is a country of islands with perfect water, its most popular sports are obviously connected with boats and swimming. One of them is dragon boat racing.

Every year, between April and May, the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation gather teams from all around Asia to compete for the title of the best dragon racers. Being a human-powered watercraft, dragon boats got their name because of its similarity to the real ancient raptor. Teams want their boats to look attractive, spectacular, and original. Although contemporary watercrafts are made of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, for example, you still have a chance to see true ancient boats made of teak.

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