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Greeley Stampede 2020

Wild West 4th of July experience is not complete without a visit to a rodeo, especially if it's one of the largest in the world

Greeley Stampede in Colorado 2019 - Best Time
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The Greeley Stampede is one of the major events in Colorado which includes a huge rodeo, bull-riding, rodeos for children and lots of music, both country and classic rock. Held during two weekends in late June and early July Greeley Stampede reaches its culmination on 4th of July. It features Independence Day parade, Carnival Midway, Western Art Show, and lots of festivities.

Greeley Stampede parade 2019
Greeley Stampede parade

Stampede in the town of Greeley, Colorado, has rich history. It's dating back to the late 1800s, and during 1920s, the Stampede was the largest festival in the world. It still attracts 450,000 people annually from US, Canada, Mexico, and England, being a second largest fair in Colorado. If you are interested in cowboy culture and country music, this event must be on your bucket list.

Greeley Stampede in Colorado - Best Season 2019
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