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Camel Sausages

Camel wrestling festivals cannot do without the stalls lavished with Turkish "deve sucuk"—actually, this snack is mostly eaten during the camel wrestling season


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Dana sucuk or beef sausage is eaten in Turkey year-round, whereas deve sucuk (camel sausage) is associated particularly with the camel wrestling season that's winter time from November to March. Then the beasts have their mating season and can be easily involved in a fight for a female. Camels who are no longer fit enough for wrestling are used to produce the main festive snack. Dozens of stalls overloaded with garlands of grilled spicy camel sausage fill the air with a pleasant smell, so festive-goers just can't resist that smoke wafting around and have some sausage as everybody else in the stadium. Virtually every other onlooker watches the show while enjoying the traditional snack from their seats.

So if you want to try some, you're welcome to one of camel wrestling championships that take place all around Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. The most visited is Camel Wrestling Festival held in Selçuk held annually in the beginning of year, around mid-January.

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