Best season to travel to Wales

Crab Apple Season

Try tasty jellies or local ales made from crab apples!


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In Wales, crab apples typically grow only in the woods and areas of scrub and underbrush. Due to the irregular, gnarled and twisted branches, it got its common name. Crab apple trees have green glossy oval leaves. In spring (April and May) this deciduous tree blooms with a sweetly scented white or pink blossom, attracting bees and other insects for pollination. At the end of summer, it brings small, yellow-green apple-like fruits, around 2-3 cm across which are sour and even bitter in taste. Traditionally the fruits are used for making jams, jellies, or cider and ales, and can be roasted and served with meat—especially roasted fowl. Locals grow crab apples in their orchards because it is a good host for mistletoe.