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Glacier Snowmobiling in Iceland

A good alternative to explore Icelandic Glaciers—more speedy than ice walking

Best time: all year round

Glacier Snowmobiling
Glacier Snowmobiling

Iceland offers a plenty of opportunities to explore its majestic glaciers. Two most common ways are walking tours and snowmobiling. If you love speed, the second is your option. Although snowmobile tours run on various glaciers, the most popular location is Langjökull Glacier (the Long Glacier) known as the second largest one found in Europe. Gullfoss (the Golden Waterfall) is the starting point of the route that promises to be breathtaking.

A traditional snowmobile experience is designed to last for three to four hours, and the actual ride is only one hour. However, snowmobile tours could be arranged as a one-day tour and even a multi-day adventure. In that case, snowmobiling is combined with ice caving, northern lights watching, and other activities.

Snowmobiling itself is available all year round but combo tours are usually seasonal, as ice caves and northern lights are season-dependent.

Practical info

When should visitors plan their snowmobile tour in Iceland?

Although available year-round, the best time for snowmobiling in Iceland is between November to June, which marks the snowmobiling season. Weather during this period is conducive to other activities like watching the northern lights, glacier hiking or exploring ice caves. Visitors should, however, check snow levels before booking their preferred tour to avoid disruption to their schedule owing to changes in snow level. Show more

Can snowmobiling tours in Iceland be combined with other activities?

Even though snowmobiling tours are a significant attraction in Iceland, tourists can combine their experience with other exciting activities such as glacier hiking, ice cave exploration, northern lights watching or relaxing in natural hot springs. Glacier hiking allows tourists to see the glacier up close in the company of a guide, while Iceland is also famous for its unique blue-colored ice caves that prove popular among visitors. It is also one of the best places in the world to watch the majestic northern lights. Show more

Where do snowmobile tours usually start from in Iceland?

A famous attraction in Iceland, Gullfoss (The Golden Waterfall) is the starting point for snowmobile tours. Transportation to the glacier is provided from the waterfall by the tour operators, which usually takes around 30 minutes. Gullfoss Waterfall is in the southwest part of Iceland and is easily accessible using various means of transport like cars or public transportation. Show more

What is the maximum number of people allowed per snowmobile in Iceland?

Each snowmobile used for tourist activities in Iceland is operated by a single person and allows two passengers at most. In case of a group visit, renting multiple snowmobiles is advisable. It is also crucial to note that safety measures prohibit children below six years old from using a snowmobile, and those aged between six and eleven have to ride with an adult. Visitors receive essential equipment like thermal suits, helmets, and gloves before the tour. Show more

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