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Did you ever think there is a town that awaits your arrival passionately? A place where you already belong and where you already have citizenship?


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The city of Auroville in Pondicherry was founded in 1968 and represents a self-proclaimed bridge between the past and the future—a city of youth that never ages. This is an international community, which you can choose and where you can stay. For now, there are about 2,000 people from over 40 countries. The primary purpose of Auroville is to show human unity and coexist peacefully.

This city is no one's in particular, it belongs to humanity and promises never-ending education and constant progress. Auroville tends to be a universal city where women and men of all countries can live in harmony and peace, where there is no religion, politics, and only a little bit of private property. No smoking or drinking, no private money and business, but the main thing is, you have to leave your ideas behind!

In the heart of a town, there is a peace area—a golden geodesic dome covered with round steel plates with thin gold leaves. This golden globe appears like a sun emerging from the land. Everyone can stay at Auroville by paying a daily fee or “guest contribution.” So much for a place with no economics.

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