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Thanksgiving Day Food in New York 2023

The tastiest food can always be found on the Thanksgiving table!

Best time: November 23, 2023

Thanksgiving Day Food
Thanksgiving Day Food

Thanksgiving Day is a very old and important American holiday. And since it is about giving thanks and celebrating the harvest, dinner is an essential part of the festivities. There're a couple of traditional dishes that are crucial for a classic family dinner on Thanksgiving. The absolute icon of this holiday is, of course, the turkey. Almost every family has its own way of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, so there are countless recipes and no single way to do it. The only rule is that there has to be a turkey on your table. There also has to be cranberry sauce for it. And potatoes: roast, mashed or both. Another all-time classic is a pumpkin pie. Just as old as the turkey, this delicious traditional dessert is one an American favourite and a perfect ending to the ​holiday dinner.

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