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World Maker Faire 2019

The greatest family-friendly festival of creativity, resourcefulness, and invention


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World Maker Faire is a mix of a science fair and a county fair, providing both knowledge and entertainment. The family-friendly two-day festival takes place in Queens, New York Hall of Science every September, featuring about 800 exhibits, interactive art, robotics, science and master classes on making and learning. The fair is sponsored by Make, the bimonthly magazine of all things DIY.

World Maker Faire is suitable for all ages, gathering gifted teens, tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, science clubs members, and more. The fair's idea is to provide a space for all kinds of “makers” to share what they know and what they can make. The focus is on innovation and experimentation in fields such as science, engineering, art, and craft.

Since 2006 when the first edition of Maker Faire started in the Bay Area, the event has been a big success. About 100,000 visitors attend the event, half of them bring children. In addition to the main event “Mini Maker Faires” have taken place all around the world—in Tokyo, Rome, Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona.

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