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Icycle Race in Toronto

Cycling on rough ground doesn't seem challenging enough any more? Toronto's icycle race may revive your competitive spirit

Icycle Race
Icycle Race
Icycle Race
Icycle Race

Toronto's icycle race is renowned as the most entertaining winter sporting event in Toronto. It's really not easy to cycle, or rather slip on ice. Some participants fall down on their first lap, whereas the most stubborn will stay awheel to the bitter end. Being a good challenge for participants, the race is also quite a spectacle for onlookers framing the ice rink. The very riders often make the race great fun, wearing weird costumes, or simply icycling in their underwear only. It's fun, and also a big challenge at the same time, for costumes make them more clumsy and without clothes it is freezing indeed. The Toronto Icycle Race takes place annually at the Dufferin Grove area in the twenties of February, and money raised during the race is given to charity.

Practical info

When is the Toronto Icycle Race held and for how long does it usually last?

The Toronto Icycle Race is an annual event held in February, usually around the third week. In 2021, the race took place on February 21. The event typically lasts for a day, with different races held throughout the day. To get the exact dates for the event, it is best to visit the official website. Show more

Where is the Toronto Icycle Race located, and why is it held in that area?

The Toronto Icycle Race takes place at Dufferin Grove, which is in downtown Toronto. The organizers have chosen this location because it has a large open area that can accommodate the ice race. The place is easily accessible by public transportation and has ample parking spaces for visitors. During the race, the ice rink is specially prepared for the event, and participants have to navigate through its rough terrains. Show more

What unique challenges do participants face during the Icycle Race, and do participants usually wear costumes during the competition?

The participants who take part in the Toronto Icycle Race face unique challenges that include navigating through the rough icy terrains and the race's popularity that often sees many racers on the ice surface at the same time. The event usually takes place in February when the weather is cold, which adds to the challenge of staying warm while racing. Participants are encouraged to wear costumes that are creative and unique to contribute to the fun aspect of the event. Costumes must not impede the riders' ability to see, breathe, or pedal, and should cover their entire body to stay warm in the cold environment. Show more

Are there any restrictions on the costumes that participants can wear during the Icycle Race?

Participants who take part in the Toronto Icycle Race are allowed to wear costumes during the race to add to the fun atmosphere of the event as long as the costume does not impede their ability to ride. To be allowed to participate, costumes must fully cover the riders' bodies, and they should be able to see, breathe, and pedal comfortably. The organizers usually encourage participants to be creative with their costumes and in the past, participants have worn superhero costumes or other wacky outfits. Show more

What charity does the Toronto Icycle Race support, and approximately how much money has been raised?

The Toronto Icycle Race is a charitable event that supports Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, a Toronto hospital. All the money raised during the event is donated to the hospital. Since the race's inception, the event has been able to donate over $20,000 to the hospital. The race, which has been running for over 15 years, is considered to be one of the most popular and charitable events in Toronto. Show more

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