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Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival 2021

With a huge love of Shakespeare and the art of theatre in general, thousands of locals and people from all over the world come to enjoy summer night plays at the Bard Village


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For over 25 years the Bard on the Beach gathers hundreds of thousands near the water among views of the city and mountains to enjoy some amazing art and talent. If you are a fan of theatre or just love Shakespeare's works, these performances are a must-see. Check out the two tents with over 500 seats each in the beautiful Vanier Park on English Bay and see some amazing performances. These magical nights last for four months from June to September.

During this period, the tents present Shakespeare's plays together with related dramas, contemporary productions, music concerts, and special events. You can also enjoy picnics, family night events, and even participate in the post-show discussions with the actors.

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