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Best time to visit Bahamas

Bahamas Cruises

Cruising in the Bahamas is a paradisal experience on Earth


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The Bahamas is the capital of sunshine and sandy beaches and one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world. The country counts more than 700, mostly uninhabited islands. People go there to have a relaxing vacation and witness tons of natural masterpieces, including crystal-clear underwater caves, spectacular coral gardens, and paradisal beaches. There is so much fun to engage in during your Bahamas vacation! But whatever activity you may choose, you will still love it.

The best time to visit

Technically, you can go to the Bahamas anytime as the cruising season lasts all year. But every month differs in humidity, ticket prices, and weather conditions.

Spring & Summer

For example, March and April offer warm breeze and mild weather, while May and June are hotter, with temperatures reaching 90°F. But summer also marks the start of the rainy season, so if you expect purely sunny weather, June and May not be your best option. August is also pretty wet, and there are many tropical storms in the area at the end of the summer. While this fact is clearly a drawback, August is a terrific month to go to the Bahamas for local holiday celebrations–like Independence Day & Emancipation Day. Visitors coming to the islands on these days can enjoy many authentic parades and picnics.

Fall & Winter

September and October are perfect for people who don’t get along with extremely hot weather. However, there are also many hurricanes during the fall, so you may notice cruising companies offer cheap tickets. By the end of fall, hurricane season is over, and so is humidity. So if your hair gets frizzy because of high humidity, you will have nothing to worry about. The beginning of winter is also an incredible time for experiencing the local culture. For example, on December 26th, locals throw a colorful street parade, Junkanoo.

The best month–January

Yes, every month is great in its own way, but the ideal one is January (actually, January and February). Trade winds during these months provide warm temperatures and low humidity. In winter, thermometers may reach 80°F, but the marker never falls below 60°F. This temperature is perfect both for swimming and sunbathing. In addition, January marks the beginning of the dry season in the Bahamas, which means there will barely be any rain. Finally, during winter, you can encounter the cheapest tickets.

Popular cruise ports

In addition to being a lovely-weather destination, the Bahamas also have a great location. The islands are very close to Florida, which makes the area amazing for both single-day trips and long vacations. Most cruises to the Bahamas depart from popular Florida ports, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville. But there are also cruises from other American states, like New York, Maryland, Texas, and others.

The Bahamas, in their turn, welcome visitors to Freeport, Bimini, and Nassau ports. The latter is located in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. It is the largest and most trafficked port with the shortest walking distance from the waterfront. Nassau is the cultural hub of the area with authentic culture and activities. There, you can spot numerous colorful buildings, local shopping stores, and wide light-blue beaches. The other two ports, Bimini and Freeport, are rather calm. They give a real tropical vibe, with less hustle and fewer tourist-oriented attractions.

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