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Bahamas Carnival 2024

Four nights of round-the-clock Caribbean-style fun in Nassau

Dates: May 18–23, 2024

Bahamas Carnival is an annual vibrant Caribbean festival taking place in Nassau in late April—May. All of the carnival’s events showcase the cultural heritage of Bahamas and attract large crowds of locals and tourists indulging in dancing to the rhythmic music and consuming tasty delicacies. During the three days and nights, the joyful event features a music festival, a street parade, and a competition for the best costume that is usually held on the first evening of the celebration.

There are also many vendors offering food and beverages as well as local arts and crafts at the festival site. While some of the activities during the carnival are free, others, like The Music Masters concert, require tickets. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about goombay music, listen to rake and scrape bands of the Bahamas.

The parade is probably the biggest highlight of the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival in Nassau. Dance groups are moving through the city to the drum beats and Caribbean rhythms wearing lush and colorful costumes with plenty of feathers and sparkles. Entertainment and dance shows, as well as private parties, follow the parade.

There are a few other Junkanoo festivals in Nassau throughout the year. There is a street party parade on Boxing Day after Christmas and on New Years Day. In April, there is a smaller Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival on Grand Bahama.

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