Best weather to visit Dubai

Dubai Weather: Winter

With occasional rains and milder temperatures, it is still considered to be perfect for beach vacations

Best time: November–March


In addition to temperature decrease, winter in Dubai is highly associated with the season of rains. However, this period seems to be the best time to visit Dubai, because dry, blistering summer is just unbearable at times. Finally, thermometers show some reasonable numbers around mid-twenties. The amount of rainfall increases, but not that rapidly, as you might think, the major portion of wetness is yet to come. December marks the start of beach season.

January-March is the coldest and rainiest period in Dubai, yet such weather is much more pleasant than that of summer, and that’s why this is the high season in Dubai. Air temperature may drop to 15 °C. In January the amount of rainfall rapidly grows up, reaching its ultimate peak in the month of February. In March it starts decreasing.

Last updated: by Eleonora Provozin