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Tikal in Guatemala

The remains of the ancient Mayan civilization hidden in lush jungles are best observed from the highest pyramids

Best time: November–April


Guatemala's tropical lowlands team with bright parrots, toucans, anteaters, tapirs, and howler monkeys distinguished​ by strikingly wild cries hovering over the forests. This wilderness is also home to nearly 3,000 ancient Mayan pyramid-like temples and palaces which should be explored by every traveler coming to Guatemala. The best panoramas can be seen from the summits of the pyramids. Temple 4 is one of the most prominent as it overlooks some surrounding pyramids poking above the trees. The dry seas​on between November and April is the best time to climb these Mayan structures.

Practical info

When would be the ideal time to explore Tikal's lush ruins in Guatemala?

Tikal in Guatemala can be best explored during the dry season that lasts from November to April every year. The weather is less humid, and the vegetation is not too dense, making it the perfect opportunity to hike and explore the ancient Mayan ruins. During this season, visitors can climb some of the pyramids and appreciate the intricate Mayan structures while basking in good weather. Show more

Which is the most preferred viewpoint to witness the ancient Maya civilization in Tikal?

To catch the best views of Tikal's ancient Mayan civilization, visitors can climb up to the summits of the pyramids. Among these, the Temple 4 is the most popular and prominent and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding pyramids, which can be seen poking above the dense jungle trees. Scaling to the summit of these structures provides an awe-inspiring view and is the perfect vantage point to appreciate Tikal's ancient sites situated within the lush jungles of Guatemala. Show more

What is the number of pyramid-like temples found in Tikal, belonging to the ancient Mayan civilization?

Tikal is home to nearly 3,000 impressive and ancient Mayan pyramid-like temples and palaces, built with limestone and towering up to 230 ft tall in the heart of the Guatemalan rainforest. These pyramids remain an essential attraction of the historic city and allow tourists to glimpse into the city's ancient past and rich mystical heritage of the ancient Mayans. Show more

What are some of the wild species that roam Tikal's tropical lowlands?

Tikal's tropical lowlands house an overwhelming diversity of wild species, including colorful parrots, toucans, tapirs, anteaters, and howler monkeys. Explorers can also witness the jaguars, pumas, and crocodiles in their natural habitat. The howler monkeys are peculiar, known for their fierce roar often heard echoing through the dense jungle. Tikal presents a fantastic opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to appreciate Mother Nature's bountiful extravagance. Show more

Can a particular pyramid be singled out among the bunch of pyramids found in Tikal?

Temple 4, also known as the 'Double Head Serpent,' is considered the most prominent pyramid among all ancient structures found in Tikal. It provides panoramic views of the Tikal landscape, which can be seen from its towering summit. Visitors can scale the pyramid and appreciate the mesmerizing views of the dense vegetation and the well-preserved ancient ruins that lie beyond. Show more

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