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Australian Grand Prix 2024 in Melbourne

Witness how the first Formula 1 race of the year speeds up from 0 to 200mph in a flash

Dates: March 21-24, 2024

Australian Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of Australia has been held since 1928 (since 1985 as a part of the Formula One World Championship). The course of the Australia Grand Prix has a temporary status and is laid along the tracks of Albert Park located in the business centre of Melbourne. The race distance is 58 laps (307.574 km). The track is fast enough and not too demanding for aerodynamics. The best place for overtaking is the end of the starting line, where the racers accelerate to 300 kph.

In the first turn, the riders usually press opponents and then complete the manoeuvre in the third turn. Another key point of the route is the 12th turn of the 3rd sector. This is the fastest turn of the track and the spectators who are in the stands will be especially interested in watching the events of the race here.

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