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City of Women (Mesto žensk) 2023

Visit this unique art festival which demonstrates the huge potential of female artists

Dates: October 3–14, 2023

City of Women (Mesto žensk)
City of Women (Mesto žensk)
City of Women (Mesto žensk)
City of Women (Mesto žensk)

Each year the City of Women festival invites numerous women artists from all over the world to demonstrate their art in the venues of the city of Ljubljana.

The festival welcomes artists who experiment with the boundaries of genres and aims to promote dialogue, knowledge, and a lively debate between the artists and the audience.

The main mission of the festival is to stop neglecting art made by women and demonstrate its huge potential.

The organizers strive to be heard by as many people as possible therefore the festival consists of events of various themes held at venues across the city. And it is easy to say that organizers are on the way to achieve their goal—the festival attracts several thousand visitors every year.

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