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Cleo's Bath in Yosemite

An excellent summer swimming hole for hot days

Cleo's Bath
Cleo's Bath
Cleo's Bath

Cleo’s Bath is a popular hiking spot located in the Stanislaus National Forest, in Tuolumne County. The picturesque trail to Cleo's Bath lies east of Pinecrest Lake and features a waterfall and the South Fork Stanislaus River. The best time to walk the 6.7-mi (10.8-km) loop trail is from May through October, while Cleo's Bath itself is best enjoyed in May through mid-July. At the end of July and in August the water level is too low. Mind that the water in the Bath may still be chilly in late spring and early summer.

The trail starts from the Pinecrest Lake parking lot. From there take the Pinecrest Lake Loop Trail. When it starts to climb, you will see a sign to Cleo’s Bath. In about 1.5 mi (2.4 km) you will see the swimming hole that is about 60 ft (18 m) wide. The trail is quite steep at several parts, but it offers excellent views of the Pinecrest Lake, a 15-ft (5-m) waterfall, green meadows, and a lush forest. You can go back the same way you came along the Pinecrest Lake Trail that goes back to the parking lot. Camping at Pinecrest Lake Marina is available from April to October.

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