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The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek in Arizona

An awesome hiking destination and a swimming hole

Best time: April–October

The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek

A true oasis can be found in Wet Beaver Wilderness area within the Coconino National Forest in Sedona, Arizona, about an hour away from Flagstaff. It is known as The Crack on Wet Beaver Creek. The trail there is quite broad and not too difficult with many places to stop. The Crack is a cliff jumper's favorite spot with large rocks for sunbathing and shallow waters, perfect for dipping in. The trail to The Crack is around 3.5 mi (5.63 km) each way, with around 500 ft (152.4 m) of elevation.

The route starts at the Bell Trail which is still being used to herd cattle to the top of the Mogollon Rim. Hikers also pass the White Mesa Trail, and the Apache Maid Trail on the way. The trail along the creek is covered with trees which makes it a nice area to rest during the summer heat.

At The Crack, there are two sides and several places to jump from. Even though the water is chilly there even in summer, the best time to visit this charming place is from April through October.

Practical info

What is Wet Beaver Creek and where is it located?

Found in the Wet Beaver Wilderness within the Coconino National Forest, Wet Beaver Creek is a popular destination in Sedona, Arizona. Visitors can reach this oasis after an hour-long drive from Flagstaff. The creek is surrounded by trees and features a broad hiking trail that leads to The Crack, a famous cliff jumping spot. Show more

How long is the hike to The Crack and what is the level of difficulty?

The trail leading to The Crack on Wet Beaver Creek stretches 3.5 miles each way. Hikers will encounter around 500 feet of elevation. However, the trail is broad and accessible to hikers of different levels of experience. Given the hiking's mild difficulty, this destination has become a top choice for nature enthusiasts and hikers alike. Show more

What is the best time of year to visit The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek?

The months from April through October are prime time for visitors to journey to The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek. During these months, temperatures can be high, making the tree-lined route and chilly waters particularly inviting. Guests in the area will enjoy longer daylight hours and warmer water temperatures, says experts. Show more

What are the different trails one passes through while hiking to The Crack?

Exploring Wet Beaver Creek entails a hike weaving through several different trails before reaching The Crack. Bell Trail, the starting point, is still used for herding cattle to the Mogollon Rim. Travelers pass the White Mesa and Apache Maid Trails en route to The Crack. The forested trails along the creek offer shade from the sun during the hot season, making this a fantastic adventure for all to enjoy. Show more

Are there any safety measures hikers should be aware of while jumping off cliffs into the water at The Crack?

Cliff jumping at The Crack has become an attraction for many, but safety measures must be followed. Visitors must consider the depth of the water and height of the cliffs before taking the plunge. The slippery nature of the rock formations and the cold water temperature make jumping much harder, so jumpers must practice caution. Show more

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