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Glacier Jet Skiing in Alaska

Glacier jet skiing – does it even exist? Yes! And it can be an amazing adventure

Glacier Jet Skiing
Glacier Jet Skiing
Glacier Jet Skiing
Glacier Jet Skiing

Kill two birds with one stone – enjoy exciting nature and take a part in a rapid water race! Organized jet ski tours offered in Alaska are an activity you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. During such a trip you can get quite close to the waterfalls and crystal blue Alaskan glaciers. And even more – sometimes it is possible to see whales! Blackstone Bay near Whittier is the perfect destination for this sport.​

Practical info

When is the best time to go glacier jet-skiing in Alaska?

May to September is the best time for glacier jet-skiing in Alaska due to mild weather with long days and peak tourist season. Extended daylight and comfortable temperatures enable better adventure. This is also the busiest season in Alaska when explorers from around the world flock here to witness the natural beauty. Show more

Where is the best location for glacier jet-skiing in Alaska?

Blackstone Bay's icy-blue glacier near Whittier is the best place for glacier jet-skiing in Alaska. While on a tour, you can ride to narrow passages, watch waterfalls, and enjoy the glaciers. The tour operators in Whittier provide required equipment and guide during the entire course to ensure a safe and exciting venture. Show more

How close to the glaciers can you get during a jet-skiing tour?

While the distance from glaciers in a jet-skiing tour can vary as per the glacier's condition and weather, guides take you closer to the glacier while preserving the ecosystem. The level of proximity participating riders can experience depends on the trip they've taken. It is a unique and exciting thrill that will stay long in your memory. Show more

Can you see whales during a glacier jet-skiing tour?

Whales sightings such as humpbacks, orcas, gray whales, and sometimes beluga whales are possible during glacier jet-skiing tours in Alaska. Witnessing these creatures performing in their natural habitats is a unique and unforgettable experience that every visitor to Alaska should encounter. Show more

Are there any restrictions or qualifications needed for participation in a jet-ski tour in Alaska?

To participate in a jet-ski tour in Alaska, you have to be eighteen years or older and hold a valid driver's license. Previous experience in jet skiing is necessary. It's always best to check with tour operators about their specific requirements and weather conditions before participating. You may also need to equip yourself for diverse weather conditions that can arise during a jet-skiing tour. Show more

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