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Carnasciale Games or I Giochi di Carnasciale 2017

Once a year a part of Florence goes back to chivalrous times


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The Carnasciale Games, or 'I Giochi di Carnasciale' in Italian, is a shift back to Medieval times which occurs in the Parco delle Cascine in April. The Games consist of various chivalrous tournaments, including jousts and sword fights. Competitors wear the appropriate clothing and armour. In addition to the very games, the event offers numerous entertaining spectacles, live performances and, as any other festivities, lots of music and dances. The food​ there is also special, cooked and served in the same Medieval style. Moreover, you may buy souvenirs typical for those times. All in all, this event represents Florentine life as it used to be in late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, when it was one of the most culturally developed cities in the world.

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