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Helldorado Days 2020

The Wild Wild West welcomes fans of rodeo and cowboy history to Las Vegas

Helldorado Days in Las Vegas 2020 - Best Time

Try and ride a bucking bull for eight seconds. This is a serious skill, and only a few are real masters. The Helldorado Festival returns visitors to the Wild Wild West era with rodeo, cowboys, and sheriffs. Las Vegas hosts countless events in May, and the Helldorado one clearly stands out, or rather...jumps out?

Helldorado Days in Las Vegas - Best Season 2020

Visit this festival, which takes place in May, in downtown Las Vegas, and you can check out the parade-carnival, the Whiskerino Contest, and poker and even a golf tournaments. So do not be surprised when you see a bunch of cowboy hats on a green field. Live music fills Las Vegas air throughout these days. Take the whole family with you and show them a piece of history that comes to Vegas only once a year.

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