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Anzac Biscuits

Biscuits with the history behind them remind of soldiers' mothers and wives who used to send the pastry overseas


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Anzac biscuits appeared during the times of the First World War. However, the word "ANZAC" did not refer to the cookies at first, but to New Zealand's military forces, it was the name of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Loving mothers and wives baked biscuits for the soldiers. The dough was made of oats and golden syrup so that the food would not spoil during the journey. The war ended, soldiers came back, and the biscuits are still baked nowadays and might be found in bakeries throughout New Zealand. However, the most suitable atmosphere to eat Anzac biscuits is provided by Anzac Day commemorated on April 25. Present Anzac biscuits are slightly different from the original version, as there is no necessity to preserve them for a long time, thus, ​today they are softer and chewier.