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Caper Harvest

Capers are the iconic food of Cyclades, including Santorini


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Arrid terrain and strong winds create the perfect conditions for caper to grow. Santorini and other Cycladic Islands are home to the finest capers in the world. By the way, the tinier the capers, the better they are considered to be. They are harvested in late May or early June. Afterwards, little green berries are pickled or salted for about three weeks. They are used for preparations of pickles and as a salad supplement.

On Santorini, you can actually see plenty of caper bushes, Capparis spinosa, also called Flinders rose. It blooms with beautiful whitish-pink flowers. So capers are basically nothing more than edible flower buds. You can pick your own capers, for it is an essential part of the Mediterranean cuisine!

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