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Korai Village

Break away from the popular tourist routes across Agra and try something new examining the unique and yet simple Hindu lifestyle


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If you want to see what real India is like don't just stay in the city, visit a Hindu village. You get the opportunity to see for yourself how Hindus live, learn about their daily routine, their fascinating history, traditions and culture, meet lively and charming kids, village magicians, greet very "intelligent" families of monkeys, and enjoy a street magic show.

An authentic hamlet village called Korai is nestled near Fatehpur Sikri. The tribal community of Qalandars lives there. For centuries they made their living by monkey and bear performances traveling through the country. But due to the ban of exploitation of animals, the Qalandars had to end this work. Manya Kalia, moved by Qalandars's plight, decided to do something for them—the village became a tourist site.

Don't forget to bring the kids some gifts—stationery for writing and drawing, any simple educational tools and toys, or sweets. The best time to visit Korai is a dry season because all activities in the village are in open air.

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